There are three types of people
in the world ...

those who Make Things Happen ...
those who Watch Things Happen ...
and those who Wonder ... What Happened?


Which one are you?

Those Who Make Things Happen ...

People who "Make Things Happen" have vision, a strategy and a plan. They move in the direction of their vision and based upon the feedback they receive from the environment, whether favorable or unfavorable, they determine next steps. They revisit their vision, strategy and plan and realign when necessary by adjusting and modifying their strategy, plan and behaviors to continue moving forward toward their outcomes. These people know that taking ownership and responsibility for their contributions has a direct correlation to the outcomes they achieve.

Those Who Watch Things Happen ...

People who "Watch Things Happen" are spectators. They sit on the sidelines witnessing the success of others wishing they could get a lucky break rather than choosing to participate in life. This happens to people only because they lack their own vision, a strategy, a plan and the belief that all things are possible.

Those Who Wonder...What Happened?

People who "Wonder ... What Happened?!" have no vision, no strategy, no plan and take no action! These people believe that life happens to them and they have no control or say in the matter. They are reactive to situations rather than proactive. In other words, if life was considered a movie, these people would be playing the role equivalent of an "extra" or a "walk on".
Welcome to The Inside Edge


The Inside Edge was established in 2005 to offer business solutions to
a variety of organizations, including global organizations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and small entrepreneurial firms.

Our expertise is called upon when "symptoms" appear that interfere with business growth and performance. C-Level Executives seek our expertise to identify the root cause of symptoms and implement the appropriate solutions. With customized, effective strategies and implementation plans, we collaborate with the appropriate individuals throughout the process. Deliverables are then cascaded down through the organization to achieve measurable results.

The Pain We Solve

the pain we

C-Level Executives are often under pressure to achieve results and have exhausted their internal resources. They often seek and require additional expertise to move forward.

The Best Solution

the best

Align business strategy with performance by integrating comprehensive solutions that are easy to implement and drive growth.

Why We Are The Best Service Provider


Integrating strategy and aligning performance is critical to continue accelerated growth AND can be expensive.

  • We are results driven and offer Performance Based Pricing.
  • We integrate solutions proven to be effective over the past decade.
  • Our experienced team has successfully implemented solutions nationally and internationally.

Customized Solutions

We recognize that every company is unique! We assemble our teams in accordance with our client's business strategy and annual goals and develop solutions to produce those deliverables. We intentionally commit to a finite number of clients at any given time to insure each client receives our full attention and that
each deliverable produces the highest value and quality service.